It's a Poverty Party and y'all are invited!

2/7/09 UPDATE: "Bouncyball Flinger" added!

My very favorite blog, iambossy.com, Got the Party Started. There's a sassy little thingy (wigget? gadget? gidget? midget?) over there by the blogroll. If you click on the wocket, you will be magically transported through space and time to the Party.

What's the theme? Well, if you haven't already noticed, the economy sucks the big polska kielbasa. Folks are having to use their resourcefulness and creativity to stretch that tired-of-being-stretched dollar (my dollar has started fighting back. Yesterday it tried to cut me. Because...ya see...it's made of PAPER, and -- Never mind; even the jokes are poor).

Ok, so at the Poverty Party, regular people share what they're doing to save/make/stretch their dollars. Or, maybe what they wanted to do but didn't. Or, what they shouldn't have done but did. It's all about sharing and honesty and encouragement. And laughter. Cuz, at iambossy.com, BOSSY brings the FUNNY.

What am I bringing? Whippy's tiny monkehs delight in making their own toys. It's heaven to watch, because,
1. They're thinking and creating.
2. For a precious few moments, they're not flinging dookie at each other.
3. It's dirt cheap. As Martha Monkey says, "It's a good thing."

Please to enjoy "Pencil Shooter:"

and "Bouncyball Flinger:"

Coming Soon: Homemade Hand Puppets!


  1. Although Poverty may be the party you don't want the invitation for, absolutely the more the merrier!

  2. Wheeeeeeeeee!!!
    I promise we won't trash the place. :)