WWJD? What Would Jesus Drink?

Whippy recently received "feedback" (angwy EMail) objecting to her infrequent use (all the time) of the name of Our Lord and Saviour ("Jebus").

I sincerely apologize and meant no sacrilege. Hey, J Diddy turns water into wine; I have nothing but reverence.

I also believe that if He didn't want us to be silly on occasion (25/8), he wouldn't have made boxed wine.


  1. Jeezus, some people are sensitive!

  2. LOL - angwy emails?

    Is this part of the war on Jebus?

    - confused in Florida

    xoxo! dc

  3. is it really florida? are is it somewhere else and you are only confusing us

  4. Ooooh.. "Anonymous" deleted his/her comment? Hmmm...David, methinks you were correct, sir. Sore loser? Or maybe just really, really shy? Don't be shy!

  5. DC must not be in Florida I thinks he is just confused

  6. DC is the smartest, least confused of all of us.

  7. Um, Anonymous here needs to go back
    to school for the dumbass use of the words "or" and "are" and etc. We need a little punctuation as well, Anon. And perhaps the use of the words "confused"or "confusing" might apply to the said anonymous
    writer, rather that the lovely DC.