Thank you, God.

2/04/09 UPDATE
Whippy just realized that, in yesterday's rush to finish this post before the tiny monkeys woke up, her editing was less-than adequate (and by "less-than adequate, she means, "not at all").
Whippy forgot to mention that her "hobby-slash-uncontrollable addiction" is that wondrous Social Networking Utility, Facebook. And not, as the unedited post implied, crack.

Thank you, God.
For giving me the eyes to see and ears to hear this magical, musical gift.

BACKSTORY: This morning I decided to spend a few minutes (and by "minutes," I mean, "hours") on my new Facebook hobby (and by "hobby," I mean uncontrollable addiction from which I have no chance of recovering. Not even if my husband says he's taking me to my favorite restaurant, Taco Bell, and we really end up at a Mariott conference room full of my family and friends and that excellent "Intervention" counselorman who was on the show last night. Not even if my Higher Power, Jon Bon Jovi, came to me in a dream and promised me eternal life, love and backstage passes. Ok, maybe then...but he'd have to be nekkid).

Anyhoo, one of my FBBFFs posted this status: *Harry McMonkeyPants is happy to see that, yet again the Saint Cloud Times is running a goddamn story about Bobby Vee playing in Iowa. Top notch reporting.

Because Whippy is thirsty for knowledge (and by "knowledge," I mean, "boxed wine"), I immediately consulted the Interweb GoogleNets and mine eyes did behold the glory of THIS:

(click on the beatiful, beautiful Bobby Vee)

*name changed to protect Whippy's FBBFFs who don't know Whippy and probably wouldn't want her to be their FBBFF, even if they did.


  1. I must say, your blog can get kind of dizzying (if that's a word).

  2. Best. choreography. ever.

    In the movie in my head, I'm the gal in the leopard print one-piece.

  3. I love what mind-you is doing with your legs on the scooter. Very beach-stripper-meets-chair aerobics.

    I check Facebook roughly every minute at work. And I'm not even sure why, because after reading through my friends' (and by "friends" I mean people I barely remember from college) status messages, I always get mad at them and say, "WHY DO I CARE? Oh, my minute has passed, time to check them again!"

  4. Um, I just had to comment again and tell you that the word verification is now "cootter," which is DANGEROUSLY close to you-know-what... Kotter. I hate that show.

  5. Funny, when I posted on your blog, the word verification was "wenis." I'M KIDDING

    "Cootter?" Ahahaha!! That's the best one, yet!

  6. PS Bobby? Didja think sitting side-saddle on the motor bike like that made you look all sexy?