Have you met my daughter, Jerry Seinfeld?

Ok, so "Seinfeld" was/is my favorite show. Remember the "Tweety" episode? Where Jerry and Elaine are sitting next to each other at the opera? And Jerry, without saying a word, places Tweety Pez on Elaine's knee? And she laughs so hard she has to leave?

Yeah, yesterday's piano lessons were like that.
Buddy Boy's trying to play Mozart. Girly Girl's beside me on piano teacher's red sofa, which is very close to piano teacher. Girly Girl is a little bored and a lot evil. Girly Girl, without saying a word or looking at me, places this note in my lap (she's only nine and any dirty double-entendre is completely in the eye of the beholder):

I recover, but not before a little pee comes out.
I hurriedly scrawl, "Yew arr krayzay!" and pass note to Girly Girl, who writes furiously and hands back this:

Girly Girl is going to grow up to be amaaaaaaaazing.


  1. FIRST of all, I have to tell you that my word verification is "cankle" and it's making me LOL at work.

    Hahahaha, that's awes. Your girly girl is tots hilar already. Also, I love Seinfeld/Elaine. I have a Santa Pez dispenser on my desk at work and I'm waiting for the day when I can use it on someone in a big important meeting with suits, but unfortunately I'm not needed in meetings like that, so I just practice kissing on it.

  2. "Cankle??" lmao!
    That's why I wanted Hillary for President. Any woman with cankles like that...well, one roundhouse kick to the face and Kim Jong-Il's callin' her "Mommy."

    I just found the greatest "Over the Hedge" Pez dispensers at JoAnn Fabrics! I bought my 2-year old niece this retarded-looking bucktoothed chipmunk creature. With pigtails. Also, some Pop Rocks and a pig that poops candy. Cuz I'm the best. Aunt. ever.

    Pez Santa needs to make an appearance! lol!

  3. And how much do I love that the second one is signed with a frowny face? I have seriously got tears in my eyes.

    Oh and that Seinfeld..."Can I at least get a pocket?" HAAA!!

  4. I know, right?? My daughter kills me. :D

    Remember the "Kenny Roger's Roasters" episode??

  5. PS The kids and I were discussing Superheros last night and I asked, "If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower?"

    Girly Girl deadpanned: "Meat vision."

    MEAT VISION!!! Bwaaaaaahahahahaha!!!