My sister drew this.
She's amazing.

My parents hung it in their breakfast nook.
They're amazing.


  1. Are you KIDDING me?! This is absolutely mindblowing!!! It's like he's "real" and looking right at me! How long did it take her to do this?!

  2. I know, right???
    Sooooooooo much talent.

  3. My heart is just breaking for her right now. Her husband's sister died last week in a freak gas explosion in Bozeman, MT. The nicest, sweetest, most amazing girl. So young. The explosion took out four downtown buildings and blew them 300 ft. in the air. It was at 8:30am and she was the only one there(the art gallery she managed). The explosion happened directly underneath her desk, where she was sitting. She wasn't even supposed to be there that early, but she was. Devastating beyond belief. The funeral is today. I've been trying (and failing) to wrap my brain around it all week. No can do. She was the glue that held that family together.