Thrifty Home Girl

New feature, folks.
The economy still sucks the big polska kielbasa, right? I mean, it's pretty sad when Whippy's Swear Jar out-performs her 401k. Just sayin.'

If you're smart (and since you're reading this, Whippy KNOWS you're brilliant), you're doing all you can right now to save, stretch, bend and twist that hard-earned penny.
So is Whippy.

Which is why, starting today, I will post any and all clever tips for saving coin. Send your Recession/Depression-busting creativity to: Jenboxrud@Yahoo.com. Pictures are awesome. Pictures get posted.

So, let's get started. Thrift Stores. Love them? Hate them? Whippy loves them. Because you can find things like this:


* as played by Kevin Spacey


  1. great idea..but er umm..leave that book in the store!

  2. Ahaaa! It's actually a record album. :D I have two more I'm fixin' to post. mua-ha-a-haaaa! lol

  3. OK, here is whatcha do:
    1. Have lunch with your sister. Put it all on credit card. Sister pays you in CASH. Lookee: you got MONEY.

    2. Sell house. Buy really cheap house in MICHIGAN. See there? $$$

    3. After you move to Michigan, scam
    all the pop cans you can find and
    return them to the refund machines
    for $$$ for your secret fund.

    4. Make a budget with little envelopes for cash for categories of your discretionary spending. Run out of $$$ in your Personal
    category. Take a little out of the
    Grocery category. Hey! Eat out the
    last two nights of the month using the Dining Out category $$$ because
    you ran out of the Grocery money.
    You can do that.

    5. Cook one pkg frozen veggies. Do
    not throw away the little bit left.
    Cook the same veggie the next night. Have a little more leftover. Cook the same veggie the
    next night and THEN on the NEXT night it comes out just RIGHT. Dude! No waste!

    6. Go on a diet. Do not buy groceries. Keep moving stuff around in the pantry till you find something you can eat. Cool! You
    have $$$ left in the Grocery packet enough for a trip to the
    Antiques Mall.

    7. Each night clean out your purse. Put all the loose coins
    and one dollar bills in the little
    china covered dish in the cupboard. Pretty soon you will have a wad of bills and rolls of quarters to add to the secret fund.

  4. Polkadot Monkey, I'm down with all dat.
    Except #6. Cuz, I'm remembering some nastyazz dinner you cooked involving Ramen, canned chicken, beef stroganoff seasoning packet...what else was there? Water chestnuts? Spray Cheez? Redi Whip? *runs to vomit*

  5. PS But remember how much we kids looooved fried bologna? How it kind of bubbled up in the middle and got al crispy around the edges?

    Mmmmmm, b-o-l-o-n-e-y......

  6. Hey Jen, Today I found myself really and truly putting the can
    of SPAM in the grocery cart. That
    will be good for two meals for two.
    At $3.29 for the lowfat SPAM, you
    can FEAST. Put the little cloves in a grid on top, and slather with
    mustard and brown sugar paste and
    then bake in the oven. THAT is a
    recipe straight from the 1940s via
    yo grandmomma. MMMmmmm

  7. Ane oh yeah, if you go to the movies instead of doing the really
    really cheap Netflix, do NOT buy the candy and popcorn and drinks.
    Take your big big pursie loaded with your goodies and a drink from
    home. Right there: save 13 bucks.

  8. Go to the LIBRARY. Do NOT go to
    Barnes and IgNoble. Library:FREE.