Have you met my son, e.e. cummings?

Buddy Boy, 11, started a Poetry Unit in school this week. Last night he had to write something in "free verse."

This was the first part of the assignment:
Think about things you are interested in, what you are happy or sad about, an impression or a story. List your thoughts about the subject.

Buddy Boy wrote this:
chockolate, Legos, Christmas

Then, he wrote this:

Chicken Wings
chicken wings
barbicu sause
Main highlight of life
Chicken wings

And this:

I ate
The chocolate
The delicious chocolate
The white chocolate
So delicious and creamy
Its deluxe superbness
I can't stop eating
It is gone
The chocolate is gone
I must have more
But the chocolate is gone

I asked Buddy Boy why he decided to write about um...chicken wings and chocolate?
Girly Girl, 9, shouted from the other room, "It's because he's in PUBERTY!!"


  1. Actually, she has a point. You have the two main comfort-food groups in these poems. Adult males tend to want protein -- a burger or wings -- to fill their void. Boys, however, will eat sweets, like girls. Girls grow up to eat ice cream when they pout while men have a steak. So the poems ACTUALLY reflect the man-boy divide growing in your son, as the pressures and demands of adolescence change everything from his voice to his eating habits.

    Or maybe he should try chocolate chicken-wings.

  2. Ok, you're hilarious. I'm totally "LOL!"


  3. Actually, I'm DYING!!! lmfao

  4. My Dad just sent me this:

    Brad’s poem Chocolate is awesome!
    It reminds me of this classic one by William Carlos Williams:

    This Is Just To Say

    I have eaten

    the plums

    that were in

    the icebox

    and which

    you were probably


    for breakfast.

    Forgive me

    they were delicious

    so sweet

    and so cold.

    Since Williams wrote this poem in 1934, there have been many imitators and spoofs.

    (Whippy's favorite):

    This Is Just To Say

    I used your dog

    as an excuse to pick up

    girls at the dog park.

    This is especially tacky

    since I’m

    your boyfriend.

    Please forgive me

    I’m really bad at being

    in a relationship

    but I’m pretty sure

    I told you that

    when we first got together



  5. Soooooo funny

    Michelle in California