Lavender Bunnies, part deux!!

I'm terribly curious about the "nut thing" and posted my query last night on Facecrack. My soul monkeh, David, just sent me this from the Wikipedia:

Breeding two rabbits both with the dwarf gene may result in peanuts. Peanuts are very small and deformed baby rabbits that will be born with a very large head, almost no ears and their back legs often crossed. Peanuts usually live for a few days but sometimes will last a couple of weeks.

So, after the dry heaving stopped, I asked my kids at breakfast this morning what we should do? Leave the nest alone? Investigate said "nut thing" further?

GIRLY GIRL: *deadpanning* Keep it alive and sell it for $1,000 on Ebay.

MOM: *blink-blink*

GIRLY GIRL: No, really. Shannon's Dad bought some shoes on EBay? And inside was a mouse with one ear. *calmly goes back to eating Honey Nut Cheerios*

MOM: *runs in circles screaming and passes out*

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