Guess which one's my favorite?

This month's Key Word Searches that landed people on my blog:

56.58%"Bite My Cookie"

33.95%"bite my cookie" blog


22.63%bite my cookie lost

11.32%my dogs crap ninja hauler

11.32%baby moose picture st ignace

11.32%bite my cookie breakdown

11.32%nonfat venting

11.32%crazy lady with 8 babies

11.32%leno with eight babies

11.32%nonfat blog whip

11.32%nonfat blog


11.32%"bite my cookie" crazy

11.32%big boobies blog

11.32%Payback's a Bitch mofo

11.32%bossy delilah

11.32%i thank you god for most this amazing free verse

I am totally starting a garage band and calling it Crap Ninja Hauler.
Or, My Dog's Crap.
Or, Dogs Crap Ninja. DING!
Dogs Crap Nina's first single? "Bite My Cookie Breakdown." Featuring Steve Martin on banjo. And Rachel Ray on mouth harp. Cuz, you know she'd rock that thing...

To the person who consulted the Googlenets in search of "big boobies blog": I sowwy.

Oh. My favorite keyword search? Ironically, it's also the name of Dogs Crap Ninja's second single, featuring Ciara: "Payback's a Bitch mofo."


  1. Hahahaha.

    MY favorite is "leno with eight babies." I might consider watching him then.

  2. Only if he was breastfeeding them at the time...