It's Box Office GOLD, I Tell Ya!

My daughter's in 4th grade and frequently comes home from school with colorful stories about the playground bullies. As Brooke describes it, these boys follow the girls around, singing songs about "lesbians," "manginas" and "you know, ladies who have penises." Right.

So, at dinner last night, we were talking about it and what might be the best way to deal with the situation. My 6th grade son, who has always been his sister's biggest fan and fiercest protector, earnestly offers this suggestion:

BRAD: You know, Brooke -- just make it like that movie Dad was watching last night...'Book Club.'

MOM & DAD: Huh?

BRAD: Yeah, you know -- 'Book Club!' "The first rule of Book Club is don't talk about Book Club."

MOM: *leaving table, because she just peed a little*

Ok, so when Edward Norton makes that sequel, Brad Pitt's character is totally gonna be played by Oprah.


  1. You can. But first Oprah has to beat the shit out of you with an unabridged dictionary.

  2. All kidding aside, I'm a Mamma Bear on a rampage. I've talked to Asst. Principal, who immediately called the parents of the boys. My daughter's not the only one having to endure this. The shit that goes on on the bus is unreal. Sexual harrassment, racial slurs, physical violence... It's frickin' Lord of the Flies. On a bus. So yeah, the shit stops NOW.

  3. Jenn, 4th grade boys are HORRIBLE today. I had a situation yesterday subbing during indoor recess for this one class. All of the boys conversed in this circle in the back of the room. Like they think I don't know they are up to something! But the lack of respect I'm just so tired of their smart ass mouths.
    You did the right thing. I would DEINITELY report that to the principal or superintendent of the school. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen (trust me I just got out of a semester of teachers and the law) because I learned a lot about student harassment and bullying. Most schools have zero tolerance policies so I would check into it, especially if it gets worse. That is degrading to these poor young girls. Assholes.

  4. Amen, Robin. And thank you. What saddens me is you know the boys learn this shit at home. Absolutely no respect for women. TRUST ME, it's not over. My daughter knows I've got her back...