Have you met my daughter, Henny Youngman?

She's been making up her own jokes lately.

GIRLY GIRL: What did the beaver say when he ran into the wall?"

MOM: I dunno, what?

GG: DAM! *cracks herself up*

MOM AND BUDDY BOY: *laughing* That's awesome!!

Not one to pass up a do-it-yourself joke opportunity, I quickly followed with:

MOM: What did the boy dog say to the girl dog?

GG and BB: What??

MOM: 'Hi, bitch!' *cracks up; slaps knee in appreciation of own awesomeness*

*blank stares and crickets*

MOM: Because, you see, a 'bitch' is actually a female dog! Get it?? HA-HA!

BB: Mom. That's inappropriate.


* refers to "Mom's Swear Jar," which is currently out-performing Mom's 401K

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  1. Aw man, you guys crack me up! GG's
    joke is the funny one, emphasis on
    the one.

  2. What R U sayin, bitch? Wait. I mean...

  3. Very funny post Jen!
    Btw how much is in your swear jar? Gordon Ramsey mentioned on Rachel Ray that his kids have a swear jar for him and he owes $1 each time. Ha! Must be hard for him.

  4. Oh, the swear jar has been taken to Coin Star several times! I've also started dumping my loose change into it...amazing how fast it builds up! Having a mouth like a sailor helps, too. ;)

    After Girly Girl and Buddy Boy discovered I was using the SJ money for MYSELF, they now closely monitor it and confiscate the $$ when it's enought to divide between the two of them.

    So yeah...thanks for the SJ idea, Toasty. Thanks a LOT.